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Hello there! I'm Eve, 23 years old.

I've always been a big fan of food. From when I can first remember, I've looked forward to mealtimes, taken an interest in the food on offer and made conscious efforts to try out the weirdest thing on the menu. However, for all my interest in eating, when I arrived at university I realised I had sort of forgotten to ever learn how to actually cook. So it was during the first two years of my degree at Leeds while living away from home that I got into the kitchen and discovered I could actually cook some of the great food I loved to eat so much. Get in!

After spending my third year of university in the incredible city of Buenos Aires, my interest in food turned into a full-fledged foodie love. With all the incredible meat, red wine and dulce de leche I could possibly desire, I was one happy camper. As my year abroad drew to a close, I left Buenos Aires hungry for more and returned to the UK with food at the forefront of my mind.

Back in Leeds for my last year of uni, I tackled my student kitchen and continued discovering my love for cooking and baking. Living in a house with five other girls meant there were always happy helpers to test out all my kitchen creations! It was in my final year of uni that I realised that I'm an advocate for the consumption of offal and also a keen baker...so know that at any dinner party of mine, the pâté and pastries will be a talking point!

Following graduation, I headed to the Carribean coast of Colombia to work as an English Language Assistant for the British Council. While in Colombia I lived some incredible experiences, delving into the desert, swimming in the bluest of oceans and enjoying summer, all year round. I travelled throughout the country, ate a whole host of new foods and met some truly incredible people. Now back in the UK, it's victoria sponges and roast dinners in my own kitchen while I set on a path to follow my passions in life - food and writing. Watch this space!

Food is a beautiful thing. It opens us to new cultures and customs, allows us to share special moments with friends, nourishes us and fuels us, and hey - we all gotta eat right?! So please join me as I continue to eat, cook and explore.

Thank you to all my friends who have helped me further develop my love for food - cooking is great, but even better when you have gorgeous friends to share it with!

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